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Vein Treatment

Vein Treatment | Stamford

Vein Treatment

Looking for varicose veins or spider veins treatment in the Stamford, Greenwich, Bridgeport or Norwalk, CT area? Then the Center for Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery is your answer with a number of options for varicose vein treatment, spider vein treatment, and treatment of other vein disease. We offer newer, minimally-invasive vein treatment options like endovenous laser treatment (EVLT®), a procedure which has largely supplanted the need for invasive vein surgery (ligation & stripping). Our Stamford area vein clinic has significant experience with these and other minimally-invasive techniques for vein removal.

Spider Vein Treatment And Varicose Vein Treatment Options

Our Stamford, CT vein treatment center uses leading-edge techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of vein disease, including duplex ultrasound, sclerotherapy and EVLT.

Duplex ultrasound

Examination via ultrasound allows the physician to non-invasively view your veins and the blood-flow within them. By doing so, Dr. Bonheur can determine the extent of any venous disease, such as where your varicose veins truly begin and end.*


Sclerotherapy involves direct injection of a safe, chemical solution (called a sclerosant) into your spider veins. The sclerosant causes the spider veins to collapse and shut and eventually these veins are absorbed into the body. Sclerotherapy is considered the gold-standard in spider vein treatment, and usually provides excellent cosmetic results. Multiple sclerotherapy sessions may be required to achieve complete treatment of all spider veins.*

Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT®)

EVLT received FDA approval in 2002 and over 100,000 procedures have been performed to date. It is a minimally-invasive procedure that involves the insertion of a small, laser fiber directly into your varicose vein, and the delivery of laser energy into the inner vein wall. The procedure is performed in the office, usually under local anesthetic, involves minimal to no pain, and is often complete in less than one hour. Patients are up and walking right after the procedure and can usually resume normal activities the next day. Compression stockings are commonly worn afterward to aid in the healing process.*

VNUS Closure

VNUS Closure is a minimally invasive procedure to treat varicose veins. Using targeted radio-frequency (RF) to seal the vein and reroute blood flow to healthy veins, VNUS Closure causes the treated veins to eventually collapse and be absorbed by the body’s immune system. This treatment is quick, easy, leaves no scarring, takes only a few minutes and can be performed as an outpatient procedure. It produces successful results and is a simple and reliable method of removing varicose veins.*

VenaSeal™ Closure

The VenaSeal™ closure system is the only procedure that uses a proprietary medical adhesive delivered endovenously to close the vein. This unique approach eliminates the risk of thermal and nerve injury. This procedure delivers long term results with less discomfort than other traditional procedures.


ClariVein® is a newer procedure that treats the causes of varicose veins quicker than most traditional procedures. Using a catheter, ClariVein® is inserted into the vein before spraying a chemical that seals the varicose vein. It is an easy to use, minimally invasive, non-thermal, treatment that allows a virtually pain free experience with minimal bruising and lasting results. *

Ambulatory Phlebectomy

Ambulatory phlebectomy (also called mini-phlebectomy or microphlebectomy) involves the direct vein removal of larger, bulging varicose veins. Done in the office under local anesthesia, small incisions directly over the varicose veins and they are removed through these incisions.*

Vein Surgery (Ligation & Stripping)

Although the need for vein surgery has become limited due to minimally-invasive procedures, occasionally it is required for larger, varicose veins. As a board-certified general surgeon, Dr. Bonheur is familiar and experienced with performing this procedure.*

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